Friday, January 10, 2014

Media Treatment: Christie Versus Obama

It has been fascinating to see how the media has handled the Chris Christie traffic scandal, especially in the context of the Obama administration's IRS scandal .  The similarities are striking:

  • Both had "rogue" elements of their administration abuse power to punish political adversaries
  • Both administrations took steps to cover up the activity 
  • In both instances, the public suffered both directly and indirectly by these attacks
  • Both leaders claim to know nothing about the activity  
But beyond that, the similarities end:
  • In only one situation did the leader accept the blame for the actions taken by his administration
  • In only one did the leader fire those responsible
  • In only one did the leader vow to continue to be personally involved in investigating the matter further
  • In only one of the situations did the leader apologize
And that person, my friends, is Chris Christie.  Obama took exactly none of those actions.  And what does Christie get for taking responsibility?   Vilification.  Just look at the feeding frenzy around Christie, and the crickets around Obama.  It's positively Orwellian.    

This examples shows us all we need to know about the media and their forthright efforts vilify conservatives and protect liberals at every step of the way.


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