Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Recap in Pictures

The YDP family got together over Christmas in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina for a skiing weekend.  Mom rented a large house, and my sibs and all of their kiddos were there.  The following shows some of the highlights of the week:

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate real well. That meant there was more indoor activity than what may have been liked, but the boys made the best of it.

It finally got cold enough to get out there and hit the slopes.  Here is my brother along with some of the kids

There was a lot of snow making going on, which led to some pretty frosty conditions for yours truly

The Blue Ridge Mountains were beautiful, and Mrs. YDP and I had a fun time documenting them

Waiting to open presents

Someone likes what she received

The gang on a snow tube adventure.

Despite all of the winter fun, we ended up back at my sister's place in Charleston, where we were reminded that we weren't in the mountains anymore

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