Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hunting with Kin, Louisiana Edition

I just returned from our annual excursion down to visit my cousin, his family, and assorted others down in Louisiana.  It was our 10th trip down south together - incredible how much time has gone past, but also incredible to think of all of the fun we've had.  I'll have a lot more on that later.

In the meantime, here's the trip captured in pictures:

The trip wouldn't be the trip without some incredible southern cooking, and here's Fuzzy enjoying a fantastic Snickerdoodle

We finally got a chance to meet the newest member of our crew.  Now we just need to track down a camo onesie for her

Taking a break from being dad

Our dedicated photographer getting ready for the requisite group shot 

Our esteemed hosts for the weekend

A heaping plate of fried duck, red beans and rice, cole slaw, and bread.  Despite eating like an absolute glutton, the scale was good to me upon my return.  Thank goodness the metabolism is cranked up. 

Hauling the boat out at the end of the season.  This was also going to serve as our "before" picture in the event we had an insurable incident 

While duck hunting wasn't good on the last day, our host clipped this deer with his truck.  Not one to leave good meat behind (especially with great venison tamales available) we loaded up the unfortunate doe.

Deer hair in the bumper.  The tell-tale sign that somebody had a bad morning.

The crew for this year's trip

By the time our weekend was over, everyone was tired.  And I do mean everyone.

While we've had better shoots, I'm not sure we've had a better time.  It was sad to see the long weekend come to an end, but it has me already looking forward to our next get-together.

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