Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top Things I Took for Granted in My Youth

Getting older isn't easy.  Little things that I'd never considered now have manifested themselves to be big deals in my middle age.  

Some have been coming on for a while, and others hit me like a bolt of lightening.  But the changes did come, and all of them are substantive.

For those of you of a younger age, here are a couple of things to embrace while you still have them:

  • Eyesight - The good Lord didn't bless me with much from a physical gift standpoint, but one thing I enjoyed my whole life has been outstanding eyesight.  Then, two years ago, a switch got flipped and I can't read a damned thing anymore without cheaters.  It sucks, and I hate it.
  • Hair - I don't mind being bald from a looks perspective, but hair makes for an outstanding sun screen.  Hence, hats are now mandatory for any time spent outdoors.
  • Sleep - Oh, how I miss a good night's sleep.  Maybe one day a week I get one, and what a difference it makes to my mental and physical energy.  The rest of the week is spent tossing all night and slugging caffeine all day.
  • Friends - I used to have a ton of good friends.  Then life got busy.  Careers took a ton of time, and kids changed lives for all of my buddies.  Now we communicate infrequently, and get together even less.
  • Weekends - What used to be reserved for fun has now been changed to a much needed period of time that is used to get caught up on work that was not able to be addressed during the work week.
It's crazy how quick life has changed, and how you can so miss things that you didn't even know you were taking for granted.

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