Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adrian Peterson Helmet Cam - Being AP

Footage which gives you the first-person perspective of the best running back in the NFL today.

Cool stuff



  1. That is awesome. On a side note, I have the upmost respect for AP. For him to be able to comeback from a possible career-ending injury and nearly set the rushing title in his very next season is beyond Hall of Fame worthy. Being a lifelong New York Jets fan, and watching all our hopes and dreams consistently be crushed, I have at least continuously expanded my knowledge of the game beyond the borders of Gang Green. I envy the running game of other teams and long for a backfield that encompasses even a quarter of AP's talent. For me, it's gonna be a long season. But being a Jets fan, this is something I have been groomed to handle. Side note: the last time the Jets won the Super Bowl, my parents were still newlyweds. Additional side note: how I wish there was a helmet cam attached to Mark Sanchez's helmet last season. Why? I often wonder what it's like to play at the quarterback position lying on the ground for most of a game. J-E-T-S sigh, sigh, sigh.....

    1. Additional question: Why is it that we got Favre for the single worst year of his career, before heading off to the Vikings for a phenomenal run at the Super Bowl? Why, why, why? Oh yeah, I'm a Jets fan.

  2. Scott, as a Vikings fan (zero Super Bowls), I appreciate your suffering. But your Sanchez and Favre observations show that you still have your sense of humor, to go along with Joe's miracle championship all those years ago. Good luck this season.


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