Monday, July 8, 2013

"Happy Folder" Example

I still use a Franklin planner.  I know, for someone in the ecommerce industry, I should have found a way to go completely electronic.  However, for me the act of taking a physical, written note is just more powerful than typing on my iPad.  Plus, I've been using the Franklin system since the early '90's.  Old habits...

On of the things I keep in it is a page written by a person who used to work for me.  The occasion for the note was ahead of a major presentation to our private equity group.  I was stressed out, worried, and even a little intimidated.

The P.S. of the note meant (and means) the world to me.  It serves as a reminder that I don't completely suck, that things always tend to work out in the end, and that I'm not in it alone - I have people that have my back.

I've saved this note ever since it was written 10 years ago.  I still refer to it on bad days.

It took MC about 30 seconds to write it, and it has provided me with support and inspiration for a decade.  Powerful stuff.

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