Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone Starts the Time Bomb Ticking

For someone that has loved music forever, there was also a period in my life in which I loved Rolling Stone.  From my high school days through college I kept a subscription, and was thrilled when each issue arrived.  It was always fun to see where my favorite albums were in the rankings in the back, who some of the new bands were (and if I knew them already or not), and, most importantly, who was on the cover.

Ah, yes.  To be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.  The thing rockers have dreamed of since its launch in 1967.

But times have changed, as has the magazine.  While it has always had a liberal bent, for its latest issue, it went and did this:

Since its launch of the latest issue, Rolling Stone has tried to explain away why they chose to use a glory shot of a mass murderer on their cover.  And despite all of their efforts at explanation,  they still chose to use a glory shot of a mass murderer on their cover.  

And by glory shot, I mean exactly that.  When I first saw the cover, I felt it looked familiar.  Then I remembered this:

We now live in a culture in which youth have a self-important, narcissistic, reality show, "look at me," psyche.  A simple review of the social media habits of that group prove it out.  Need a great example?  The All Star Game of two nights ago was delayed while a person ran on the field because he got 1,000 retweets of his proposal to do so.   

Mark my words, some unstable youth has looked at this cover treatment that Rolling Stone has provided, and sees a great way to infamy.  

And when they commit their mayhem, when the dust clears and the bodies are carted off, when the society mourns yet again, and when the blood is all wiped up, Rolling Stone will have that blood on their hands.


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