Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surprise: Weiner is a Lying Dirtbag

As was reported here a couple of days ago, Anthony Weiner was indeed lying. I think most objective people are not surprised - if you have just a basic understanding of human nature and social media, you knew the guy was lying from the jump. So when it was announced yesterday that there was a lot more evidence against him, and the new pictures found their way forward, there was little surprise. Littler still when a press conference was hurriedly called so he could "take full responsibly."

Here are some random notes about the conference and surrounding events:
  • What does "taking full responsibility for my actions" mean? He's not quitting. Only apologizing. That's full responsibility?  Wow.
  • What's up with trembling voice? Dude, you lived the life you wanted. The choices you made were all yours. You chose your lifestyle and were under total control of the decisions you made to propagate it. So why are you crying? That you got caught and can no longer send inappropriate messages to women half your age? Maybe that's the reason. 
  • Here's a heads up to everyone that uses the net: everything you do is traceable. Everything. The email you send, the "anonymous" post you make on a blog, every website you visit, your Facebook post, every tweet you make, you name it, it's traceable. And no matter how you try and delete and cover things up, it lasts in the cyberworld forever, and will eventually be found out by someone. There is no such thing as anonymity on the web. Ever. 
  • I think he keeps his job. Clinton did much, much worse. Hell, Ted Kennedy killed a woman. 
  • He likely won't keep his marriage, but I don't think that matters a whole hell of a lot to him anyway. 
  • I'm truly amazed at how many on the left, especially the left bloggers, got played. They so wanted this to be a hit job against their favorite attack dog that they lost every iota of objectivity, and much of their integrity. All of the articles blaming Breitbart for the "hack," explaining how the account was indeed "hacked," and generally pointing the finger everywhere except in Weiner's direction make them look like the partisan punks that they are. And at the end of the day, they got totally played by Weiner. Like a 20-something girl on a Twitter feed, they were merely a tool for him to use. And use them he did. 
  • What's up with the shaved chest (and I assume pits as well as everything else)? This look started in the gay community and jumped over to some in the hetero community, but why, I'll never know. Again, it is just all so disturbing, especially for a guy married in his mid-40's. Don't get me wrong, a little bit of man-scaping is fine. But the totally clean shave is just downright creepy. 
This story likely won't be dying as the wife still has not talked in public, and the media machine likely will not rest until she's weighed in. It will serve as a distraction to Democrats coming into the 2012 election. How long it remains so will be completely up to the man responsible for it all.

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  1. "They so wanted this to be a hit job against their favorite attack dog that they lost every iota of objectivity, and much of their integrity."

    What? THere really was nothing left. Contrast and compare their reactions to Mark Foley, who resigned his congressional seat, and their reactions to this. In the Foley "crisis" the media LED the investigation and LED the reaction. They not only wanted Foley, they also wanted Denny Hasert to resign too. Is there anyone calling for Nancy Pelosi to take responsibility?

    The non-right media has absolutely zero objectivity or integrity. They pretend they are journalist, but in truth they are advocates. Only the internet, the pajamas media, keeps them even close to honest.

    Again, compare and contrast. If it involves a Republican, such as the National Guard memos against Bush, the media is out ahead of the story, investigating, leading the charge. But, on stories that have to do with Democrats, they are behind the story and only pick it up when it is proven.


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