Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brown County Lottery for Packers Tickets - Winner!

In our new town, Packers tickets are nearly impossible to come by.  Season tickets are completely sold out, and are handed down within families like treasured heirlooms.  Single game seats can be had from scalpers, but usually at outrageous prices.  

 Fortunately for us, there is another avenue.   

Back in 2000, the team agreed to make 40,000 single game tickets available for purchase if the residents of Brown County agreed to accept a 0.5% sales tax that was used to fund the Lambeau Field expansion.  The motion passed, the Frozen Tundra was upgraded, the tickets freed up.

The tickets are made available via lottery for every adult in Brown County that chooses to participate, and since we're residents, my wife and I both applied.  Guess who went two for two?  Woot!   

The good news is we both got drawn, and that they're both regular season games (getting stuck with preseason games would really stink).  The bad news is that one is on Christmas, the other is on New Year's Day (hello, Frozen Tundra), and that neither game is against our beloved Vikings.  

I'm in the process of trying to find other lottery winners that got drawn with the Vikes and want to trade, and we'll see how successful I am.  In the mean time, I just hope they decide to play this season and we actually get a chance to use these. 


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