Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Pig Roast at Big Rock Resort

My wife and I attended our third consecutive Memorial Day weekend celebration pig roast at our place at Leech Lake’s Big Rock Resort; the finest resort on Leech Lake. 

For almost two decades a group from Michigan comes into the resort to fish, have fun, and roast a pig.  And we’ve been fortunate to have been invited to their party. 

After about 24 hours, with the smell wafting throughout the entire area, the pig was ready to be consumed.  And it was so tender, that Larry, the cook, just broke it apart with his hands. Utensils were never used, until the ham came into play. 

I was fortunate to dine with the best looking girl at the party.  Again.  Not sure how I get so lucky.

 Most of the cabins and trailers came out, with everyone bringing a plate to share. 

Calling it a feast was an understatement.  It has become a great tradition, and one that we’ll hopefully continue to enjoy for many years to come.

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