Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At Least One Arbitron Book Supporting Sirius XMU

As a marketer, I've always maintained a significant curiosity about market research.  Hence, whenever I'm asked to take a survey, even if it comes as a call in the middle of dinner, I always take it.  I like to see how the survey is designed, if I think they're effective, and how I might have crafted them differently to get at the data needed for decision making. 

Despite my willing participation in all things survey related, I have been frustrated that I've never been surveyed in any kind of election poll, nor have I ever been surveyed for media (e.g. Arbitorn or Neilsen). 

Those days just ended, as in the mail last week I received an Arbitron radio diary.  While I don't listen to too much radio anymore as my commute has been reduced to less than 15 minutes, I'm more than happy to share what's on my dial.  And it's nearly all Sirius XMU

It was fun to finally participate in the process that has molded the radio and music industry for over 50 years now. And it was also fun to turn in a book that will likely be the only one to show support for Sirius XMU.

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