Sunday, January 12, 2020

Minnesota Vikings Flat Dominated by San Francisco

Our beloved Vikings were completed dominated by San Fransico yesterday in a game that was actually worse than what the 27-10 score showed.  The 49ers were dominant on the line on both sides; so much so that our guys were getting shoved around at the end in embarrassing fashion.

Our running game which was so critical for our victory over New Orleans could never get going, and Cousins could not throw downfield.  We were left with small, impotent screen plays which usually were defended impeccably for short gains.  

The Vikings are not a good road team, especially on the west coast.  Likewise, with only six days to lick our wounds from our game against the Saints, we flat looked tired.  The 49ers, on the other hand, looked fresh and physical.  The net result was an unmitigated butt kicking.

The first-round bye isn't the end-all of the NFL playoffs (ask Baltimore), but in this instance, it was critical.

For the Vikings to make any kind of playoff run, we need home field.  Until we find a way to be better in the regular season to derive that home field advantage, Vikings fans can expect more of the same. 

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