Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More on Oprah

I had a very wide-ranging discussion with Mrs. YDP last night on the Golden Globes.  She put forth the postulate that Oprah's speech was a good one, and the Oprah alone could not have "fixed" Hollywood.


However, in YDP's world, if you see evil and choose to do nothing (especially because it is fiscally prudent to do so), that makes you evil as well.  You're simply no better than the ones committing the atrocities.  

That's exactly why, upon liberation of the Nazi concentration camps in WWII, GIs forced the local populace into the camps to clean them and to serve witness to what was committed in their backyard, with their permission.

If Oprah had blown a whistle ten years ago, could she have changed things?  Maybe, maybe not.  But here's what I know for sure:

  • She's arguably the most powerful woman in the world.  Part of being a good leader is understanding how to use power.  If she can't understand that, I'd argue she wouldn't make a very good president
  • Because she didn't do anything hundreds if not thousands of people were harmed.  She needs to own that.  She was happy to stand by and watch.
  • Not only did she watch, but she did this:

Still think Oprah is presidential material?

Gross.  Just gross.

True heroes expose evil.  They fight evil.  Even up to their deaths.

They don't go around protecting evil with their silence, and they certainly don't go around kissing evil...

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  1. The problem with the limosuine liberals and their newfound holier than though positions on sexual harassment is that they are one sided. Sexual harassment only exists if it is a Republican/conservative or someone who is no longer needed. John Conyers behavior was well known for years. "Don't get on an elevator alone with him" Cokie Roberts was heard to say. But as Ann Coulter retorted, "Aren't you a reporter??????"

    Excuse me if I throw up while the people who gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski, a man who drugged, raped, and sodomized a girl HE KNEW was 13 years old, tolerated the casting couch for generations, and use political views as a basis of guilt or innocence now pretend to be holy warriors.


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