Monday, September 4, 2017

Why Muslim Acid Attacks Don't Happen Here

The UK has witnessed a significant rise in the amount of acid attacks it is seeing.  You can read about it here.  The way it works is that a victim on a bike or motorcycle is approached and has acid thrown in their face.  As their flesh and eyes burn the perpetrator takes their fallen bike and rides off

Why are these increasing?  Because the Muslim population is increasing.  Muslims have used acid as a weapon for years.  It is usually reserved to disfigure females that have "brought dishonor" to their families by their behavior, but has now gone mainstream.  It is a heinous, but highly effective weapon. 

Why is this not happening here?  Two thoughts:

One - Thankfully, our immigration policy has been far more conservative than the UK.  Our friends across the Atlantic are now reaping what their immigration stances have sown.  

Two - The Second Amendment.  Check out any comment board after a major shooting and check out the comments from the UK on how backward our gun laws are.  But you know what?  Folks over here are not getting acid thrown in their faces because if you guess wrong and your victim is carrying, you might just die.

Acid.  Seriously.

Religion of peace...

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