Thursday, September 28, 2017

Our Last Piece of Common Ground is Gone

The politicization of our sports marks the end of any remaining common ground in our lives.  Everything is now politics:

  • Social media
  • Journalism
  • Popular culture and media
  • Church
  • Work
  • Police and safety
  • Free speech
  • Even the color of our skin
  • Sports and leisure

We as a society no longer have something by which we can gather around a water cooler and all agree.  It is now all contention, all the time.  We're all in a constant state of battle, and a side needs to be chosen.

Who would have thought that showing disrespect to the national anthem is now a side?  Trump got involved, the stakes got upped, and now kneeling during the song is not necessarily a repudiation of the country per se, but more a repudiation of him as a president. 

What happens when a segment of fans start joining the players in "taking a knee?"  I honestly think when that happens there is going to be bloodshed in the stands.

I think this all gets a lot worse before it gets better.  Where does this end?  

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