Friday, September 9, 2016

Lambeau Fais Do-Do Recap

It has taken nearly a week to recover, but the Lambeau Fais Do-Do went off successfully last weekend.  The only thing that was missing was a LSU victory.  Beyond that, we had it all.  Family.  Friends.  Food.  Football.  

What else could one want?

The whole thing started with a gumbo, which my cousin and friend started putting together immediately upon arrival.  It was flat outstanding, and fed the 14 of us that had gathered for the event.  

I had some shirts made up for the event, and they were pretty much the hit of the weekend.  All weekend long we had people coming up to us asking about them.  Here's my cousin and Mrs. YDP sporting our look.

We took over the outside bar at Titletown, and had a lot of Badger fans worried.

We were fortunate to tailgate right at Lambeau Field, and had a heck of a party.  It was a great atmosphere, and was arguably the highlight of the weekend.

Yeah, the game didn't come out the way we wanted.  However, our time together as a group?  Frankly, I can't imagine it being much better.

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