Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The First Mile is the Worst Mile

I've been progressing on my running and have my conditioning back to the 5 mile range.  I've taken it slow, and by and large, have reached that level without too much trauma.  That being said, mornings are horrible.  The cracks and creaks that come from my legs the first thing in the morning would make a bowl of Rice Krispies jealous.  It takes a good long while to get the body warmed up.

I always start my runs with a five minute warm up walk, and while that seems to help, by the time the warm up is over and the running part starts, my body is complaining loudly.  Right about a half mile in, I'm usually thinking about walking, and doubting my ability to complete my planned distance.

Then, at just over a mile, things just kick in.  This groove starts, I speed up, I feel better, and I just kind of find a zone.  By mile three the famed "runner's high" usually kicks in, and by the time I finish, the doubts and aches of the first mile are long forgotten.

It is a weird process, and even though it works that way nearly every time, I still struggle with that first mile.

Just like many things that are hard in life, the beginning is where one needs to be strong.  It will, and does, get easier.

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