Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary's Guilty. Nobody Cares

It is becoming more and more evident of what we already knew: Hillary used her "private" email server to conduct our nation's business, and leveraged that platform to communicate top secret information.  But for any of us following the situation, this is common knowledge.  The lies and obfuscation used to explain her situation were not only just that, but also served as talking points for the media, chat rooms, and late-night TV hosts.

She's guilty as sin, she knows it, everybody with a modicum of intelligence knows it, and nobody cares.  This story cannot get traction because the media is proactively burying it, and paid minions in chatrooms across the nation are talking it down.

This isn't a surprise.  Consider the press' treatment of Obama, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and dozens of others.  Most of those people should be held in contempt, if not held in prison.  However, because there is a (D) behind their name, they're given a pass.  

Hillary Clinton broke the law.  She should go to jail.  Instead, she'll be buoyed and supported by a complicit media.  

All the way to the White House.  

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