Friday, May 15, 2015

Missing My Bride

Things are crazy right now, as interviewing is as hot as it has ever been.  I've been either prepping, travelling, or meeting a ton, with a lot more to come in the short term.  Likewise, I've been doing some consulting work in Minneapolis a couple of days per week.  Lop on a turkey hunting and fishing trip, and I just flat have not been home.

All of it is important.  Perhaps the most important has been the consulting, as the value that I'm adding to that company has been great for my ego and keeps the voice in my head that questions my value a little more quiet.  But it has meant I've not been home much, nor will I be in the next couple of weeks.

While progress is getting made, I miss my life, and I really miss my wife.  I'm hopeful that things can come together soon and we can move on to the next chapter in our lives.

Together.  As it should be.

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