Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Birthday Songs for My Brother

As we do every year, I've given my brother a listing of songs that are in heavy rotation for me in celebration of his birthday.  Some are old, some new, but all are sounding really good to me right now.  Here's the mix for 2015:

Crime - Real Estate: Airy and light, it is indicative of a sound that is really popular right now.
Driving Towards the Daylight - Joe Bonamassa: Joe is the standard bearer for blues artists right now.  His playing is virtuoso, and his vocals surprisingly good for such a great ax man.  
Free So Free - Ivy: Another new artist.  Not that dissimilar to the track from Real Estate above.
Have Love, Will Travel - The Sonics: It is hard to believe that this track is damn near 50 years old.  It sound a lot like some of the music that is being made right now.  This sounds completely relevant right now.  Just awesome.
I Remember - The Greyhounds: I'm a sucker for blue-eyed soul, and this track has it in spades.
I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie: This is not the original, but a remix, and one in which the remixed version is darn near better than the original.
Is this How You Feel - The Preatures: Their whole last album is outstanding, and this is the best track from it.
JM - Strand of Oaks: I should not like this song; it's typically not one that resonates with me.  I don't know why I do, but I adore this song.
Love TKO - Michael McDonald:  Speaking of blue eyed soul...
Modern Blue - Roseanne Cash: Like her dad, the older she gets, the better her music gets.
Pharrell Mashup - Poplamoose: Quirky and original.  Try not to tap your foot
Shitlist - L7: Been into girl groups a lot lately, and this is indicative of what I've been listening to
Something from Nothing - Foo Fighters: I could listen to this song over and over and over again.  Impeccable song construction, a bridge that absolutely makes the song, and lyrics that fit the tune like a glove.  
Unclouded Day - Johnny Cash: Played at Dad's funeral, I can't listen to this song without getting  a lump in my throat
Watch Over Us - The Lone Bellow: Speaking of crying, that's exactly what I did when these guys played this song in concert.
West Coast - Lana Del Ray: LDR is sometimes tough to get, but when she nails a song, she really nails it.  This is the best track from her latest.
Where Are We Runnin'? - Lenny Kravitz: Old Lenny for motivation for that last couple of miles on the bike.

Happy birthday, Kev.  I love you.

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