Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting Better with the Boys of Summer

The weather here has been brutal.  I'm actually writing this post on 2/19 upon my return from the gym this morning, and the air temp was -13.  I  can't even imagine what the wind chill is.  In looking at the 10 day forecast, the best things get is 25.  In the next ten days...

Fortunately, my mom has some vacation property sitting idle outside of Ft. Meyers at the end of March, and I'll finally be able to see the Twins down at their spring training facility.  In fact, I've already got tickets for two games.

Beyond the respite from the weather provided by the vacation, we'll also launch our house for sale during the same time, affording realtors and prospective buyers full access for a week without impacting us or our critters.  

Bittersweet, yes, but hopefully made better by being able to spend some time with the boys of summer.

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