Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Simple Question for the Global Warming Crowd

For nearly a decade now, politicians and their funded scientific backers have claimed that human beings are creating a situation with greenhouse gas emissions that is causing unnatural warming of the globe.  This activity is being touted as catastrophic, and our doom impending.

So, if the science is closed on such a situation, and since literally NOTHING can be done to police polluters in nations that could not care less and/or do not believe in this situation, we're already screwed.

Thus, the question: Why in the world aren't rich liberals (typically the ones screeching the loudest over global warming) buying up massive amounts of land in Canada - land that, given their predictions, would move from agriculturally marginal to outstanding?  If the pundits are so sure, why won't they place the bet, and stand to make billions?


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