Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quitting Clash of Clans

After a good eight months of playing I finally made the decision to quit Clash of Clans and go cold turkey.  It was not easy by a long stretch, and there are still many moments in which I'd really enjoy delving into the game. However, after far too many wasted hours, I realized I was getting too mad at myself for being "behind" all the time. The best way to free up a number of hours into my week would be to just quit the game and move on. 

Beyond that, I was becoming angry at the psychological pull the game had on me, just as the designers created. Level after level led to increased incidents of delayed gratification that could be alleviated with a simple purchase. All of it was designed to draw the player deeper and deeper, and the further one got into the game, the worse the situation became.  

Ultimately, I found that it was not so much that I was playing the game anymore, it was more like the game was playing me.  At that point it became a much easier decision to quit. 

I do miss the game, but I love all the more the free time that I have now.  Lesson learned download those games at your peril.


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