Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Every year we're granted the opportunity to leverage the turning of the calendar to change things.  Yes, we're afforded the ability to change our lives every day, but the overt change of a thing like a year adds a nice layer of gravity to the equation.  Hence, resolutions get set, commitments made, and optimism reigns.

Toward that end, here's wishing you success on your goals for the coming year.  I hope your year is one filled with health, love, and happiness, and that it turns out just like you want.  And, in the event that you fall off of one or two or a dozen of those resolutions, know that it happens.  Cut yourself some slack, dust yourself off, and get back on them.  Just because they've been blown once does not mean that the whole year is shot.  Hence, if the only resolution you adopt is to "keep going, even when I screw up," you've just about guaranteed yourself a successful 2015.

Peace, love, happiness, health - I wish all they are all yours in abundance in the coming calendar year.  

Let's all work together and make it a good one for each other.  Happy New Year!

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