Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Conclave Begins

A brief video which explains the conclave process very well.

We await our new Pope.


  1. Totally not helpful, at least to me. How do they converge on a solution? Is there no discussion, no lobbying, no "politics", no positions? Who knows who is up for election, and what they stand for? Or does the Catholic Church want us to ignore the fact that at its heart it's a socio-political organization that revolves around power?

  2. Sid,

    While I don't doubt there is a level of posturing, politics, and influence being wielded, I'd like to take the Cardinals at their word. I'd like to think that this is done in a prayerful and open way, allowing for the Holy Spirit to do Its job and place a leader at the head of the Church that is worthy of the seat of St. Peter.

    Naive? Perhaps. But the Catholic Church is the one thing that has been constant since the crucifixion of Christ. Despite all of the failings, sin, and outright atrocities committed by some claiming to "guide" it, the Church has withstood. The church does withstand. And that is because it is bigger than the people in it. And it is bigger than the horrors that some of its leaders have wrought.

    Jesus told Peter that he was the rock upon which the church would be built. That very church still exists today. And I trust and pray that the same holy intervention that guided the selection of Peter all those 2000 years ago is still busy at work in the conclave right now.


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