Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disaster at

The book project for A Dog Named Blitz has been put on hold as I was waiting for the designer I was working with to provide something.  In the meantime, I had contacted and was assured that I had 180 days to conclude my project from my final edit.

Since it has been nearly four months, I decided I would leverage's design services - I can't wait anymore.  I accessed my account to employ their service and found that my edited file and my correction document were gone.

All gone.

I made the massive mistake of not saving the documents to my hard drive from their space on the cloud.  I'm a web guy.  I know better.  But I blew it, and now I have absolutely nothing.

Oh, I still have a final edit, but I don't have a format that can fit in a book.  It needs formatting, for the pleasant cost of $350 (or at least that's what it was last time).

I have an inquiry into them for help, but of course they will take two business days to get back to me.  

I have worked so hard on this project.  It is now to the point where I just want it over.  Unfortunately, for it to be over, it looks like I have a lot more hard work and big expense in front of me.

I'm just sick.

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