Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What State Do We Live In?

I love my new home state.  Senator Paul Ryan is my official man-crush, Governor Walker is a political mensch, the Friday Night fish fries are worthy of their hype, and the natural resources beautiful.  But it is a state of stereotypes, and those usually revolve around football or alcohol.

Or sometimes both.

Example of the prior?  I was part of a golf foursome not too long ago.  We had an early tee time of 7:30, and were making good time when we arrived at the sixth hole, which also was the home of one of our group. 

The conversation went as follows:

Golfer One - "I'm going in for beer.  Who wants one?" 
Golfer Two - "It's 8:30!" 
Golfer Three - "Hey, you can't drink all day unless you start in the morning." 
Golfer One - "So, you all want one?" 
Golfer Three - "What state do we live in again?" 
Golfer One - "Right.  Four beers coming up."

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