Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Wants Your Wedding Money

I really want the above to be a joke - something from the Onion or something.  No, folks.  It's real.

Tacky?  Off the charts.  Desperate?  Definitely.  Beneath the Presidency?  You be the judge on that one.

What's next?  Here are some ideas for our President:
  • Grandma just die?  Send in her inheritance to you.  She would have wanted it that way.
  • Kid lose a tooth?  Instead of the Tooth Fairy visiting your kiddo, how about putting some pennies under POTUS' pillow?
  • Saving for your kids' college?  Using that money on the election advertising is the really smart move.
  • Bar Mitzvah?  Make it a Barak Mitzvah!
  • 401k?  Giving it to Obama would make it 401 OK!
  • Tipping your waitress?  Giving that money to the President instead might be the best tip yet.

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