Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts on My Mom on Her 70th Birthday

Every Sunday before mass when I come into church, genuflect, lower the kneeler and pray, I always spend the time reflecting on my past week.  I start with remembering where I have failed and where I could have done better, and move off to sincere gratitude of the blessings that have been set before me.  It's my way to get my mind right for the upcoming ceremony. 

Yesterday, as I kneeled there and considered my blessings, I was deeply struck that my greatest blessing was the woman kneeling there at my left. 

My Mom has shaped me far more than she knows.  Her appreciation for education, work, intelligence, grace and humor have set an example for me throughout my life that continues to this day.  I simply would be a very different person today if not for this incredible woman. 

So on the date of your 70th birthday, all I can say is thank you, Mom.  For everything. 


I have indeed been deeply blessed.

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