Saturday, February 25, 2012

Justin Morneau Done - Just a Function of When

The StarTribune conducted an interview with the former AL MVP, and the tone of the discussion was shocking.  You can see the report here.  Morneau, talking about his concussion ramifications, sounded like a man resigned to the fact that it is just a matter a time before things turn on him.

There's an adage in sports that seem that is quite true - the minute you start to worry about getting hurt is the exact time when you get hurt.  It is self-fulfilling.

I truly feel sorry for Morneau.  His maladies have been many, and he obviously lives a pained, if not tortured life.  He needs to listen to himself and recognize, quite quickly, that by being out on the field, he's doing nothing to help himself.

Nor is he doing anything to help the Twins.

The sooner he and the team come to grips will all of it, the sooner everyone can move forward.

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