Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rest In Peace, Major Dick Winters

It was with deep sadness that I read the news of the passing of Major Dick Winters.  Major Winters was one of the inspirations for the book (and subsequent series) A Band of Brothers.  If you're unfamiliar with the story, I'd ask you to check out one of the links I've included here.  You will not walk away unchanged from the tale that will unfold. 

Winters was a hero of highest order - he conducted himself in combat  with bravery and skill that were remarkable, and he lead his men, and ultimately his company, in a way that inspired life-long loyalty.  But despite this lofty praise, here's what Winters himself had to say for his actions (turn your speakers up). 

Rest in peace, Dick Winters.  You've earned your peace, and the undying gratitude of your country.

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  1. RIP. What a leader. I've sat down on at least 3 different Saturdays and watched the entire Band of Brothers series straight through. Can't turn it off. The parts where they are in Bastogne sure makes me think twice about complaining about cold weather.


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