Monday, January 17, 2011

Bistro on Broadway Restaurant Review

Over the weekend we ate at the recently opened Bistro on Broadway in De Pere.  What a nice little place!  Ambiance is that of a foodie-wine bar, with limited but cozy seating.  The only wrinkle was that the music overhead was a bad match – while I like Stevie Ray Vaughn a ton, he really didn’t fit the atmosphere. 

They offer a full bar, and their wine list is small, but has some good options at an OK, if not a slightly spendy price.  But the real winner for the evening was the food.  My wife had a pressed chicken breast in a rosemary cream sauce, while I had a perfectly done strip steak with steamed broccoli and rosemary potatoes.  Portions were generous without being ridiculous, and were priced appropriately.  Service was a tad slow, likely due to the laid-back nature of the place. 

Overall, we had a very enjoyable experience, and will definitely be headed back.  It reminded us both of our favorite foodie restaurant from home – Terra Waconia.  We’re still making our rounds in the Green Bay area, but for us this clearly was the area’s second best dining experience. 

Well done, Bistro on Broadway.  We’ll see you soon.

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