Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Path I'm On

Before I decided to take the new gig, I was being courted by another company at the same time.  They had reached out to me late in the process, and we moved quick as I was expecting (and ultimately received) an offer from my current employer.  The job was a par with what I'm currently doing, located in the Twin Cities, and darn interesting.  Despite three rounds of interviewing, they couldn't move fast enough, the other company tendered an offer, and I needed to make a decision.  Hence, off to Green Bay we go.  

A couple of days ago I get a call from the other company.  They wanted to check in and make sure I was happy in Wisconsin, and that what I had joined was working for me.  They also stated that in their search I has really stood out, and if there was a possibility to re-start our dialog, they were confident that they'd be able to put something together to make a move back home to the Twin Cities work. 


That really caught me sideways.  I miss Minnesota and being near my farm and cabin.  I miss my friends.  Our home back there isn't selling - not even close.  Beyond the flattery of such an offer, it did invoke a twinge of interest. 

That being said, the twinge is far outweighed by my desire to see this current engagement to fruition.  I'm making good progress, I see a fabulous future ahead, the company has been more than accommodating, and it is as fun as it is challenging.  I thanked the caller for the compliment, let her know I was flattered, but told her that I was locked in. 

The very next day, this breaks: C&B dumps the CEO

Was there any correlation?  Zero.  But all throught this entire process it has felt like the path forward for me was made abundantly clear, and this is but another example of that.  There are probably a dozen examples of how that path has been defined, and we're now getting to the weird area. 

Why is it happening?  I don't know.  All I know is that it sure looks like something is at play here, and I better follow the path. 

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