Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brock Lesnar Beat Down by Velasquez

Brock Lesnar got destroyed Cain Velasquez last night.  I mean destroyed.  Lesnar started hot with his bull moves, but Velasquez countered, semi-landed some punches that surprisingly put Lesnar on the ground, then followed up with a horrific ground-and-pound that opened a horrible cut under Lesnar's left eye that's probably still bleeding.  

Weird stuff about last night:  
  • Lesnar clearly didn't look like he was into it.  Not at all.  I'm not sure if the illness took its toll or what, but Brock didn't look like he wanted to be there.  
  • Lesnar's beard was awesome.  Made him look like some kind of Viking or mountain man.  
  • They kept repeating that the league had never had a "Mexican" champion, and keep playing up that angle throughout the night.  Well, duh.  The league hasn't been around, and is missing a Chinese, Russian, Indian, Irish... 
  • Speaking of which, Velasquez is hardly "Mexican."  He's an NCAA champion wrestler who went to Ohio State.  Hispanic?  OK.  
  • The conspiracy theorist in me gives pause to Lesnar's apathy and the "Mexican" hype.  What does this win do to help the UFC expand its borders?  I wonder if Jesse Ventura will get all over this?  
Bad fight by Brock, but I'll gladly plunk down the $50 for the rematch.

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