Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 Minnesota Duck Season - Week Six

People ask me how I can do the things I do to hunt ducks - e.g. how do you get out of a perfectly warm and comfortable bed at an unholy hour, suffer (if not revel in) horrific weather conditions, fight though temperamental outboard motors, choke down coffee that wouldn't pass for toilet water in a local Starbuk's, and otherwise endure a series of trials and curses worthy of the Book of Job.

Simple. Duck hunters are the only ones that are up and able to see stuff like the picture above. In this year alone I've seen an incredible asteroid shower reflected over a pitch black lake, watched bald eagles as they hunted and played together, seen tired Tundra Swans at the end of one leg of their migration looking for a place to rest, and watched the passing migration of thousands and thousands of birds; waterfowl and otherwise. It is a grand and beautiful story that gets painted for me every morning, and one that is basically shared by a small fraternity of those of us stupid enough to leave a perfectly good bed at an unholy hour.

God bless the duck hunter.

Birds are still around, but with temps back up in the 50's, there isn't a lot of need for movement. Three of us scratched out 9 on Gucci point on Saturday, while Sunday was pretty much a blank. A blank, that is, except for this glorious sunrise.

God does indeed bless the duck hunter.

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