Monday, September 21, 2009

Jimmy Carter Thinks I'm a Racist


To former President Carter and others that honestly believe that "an overwhelming portion" of opposition to Obama policies are driven by basic racism:
  • What form of opposition would be allowed and not described as racism? I want very specific examples. Or perhaps there are none, and we must therefore blindly and subserviently follow the President to ensure that racism truly does not exist. Seriously, I want an answer.
  • If simple demonstration against something as benign as fiscal policy is considered racism, how in the world will we ever get beyond race in this country? Likewise, with racism being the constant "cry wolf," won't true episodes of actual and meaningful racism ultimately be downplayed?

I felt with the election of Obama that we could move forward as a country with regard to race. Unfortunately, the specter of racism is too valuable of a tool to be dropped by the left. The fact of the matter is we've not moved forward, and some might even argue that we've actually moved backward.

The flippant and specious claims of racism by the left are some of the most repugnant behavior I've seen in politics in my life. Again, unbelievable.

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