Monday, September 7, 2009

Dad the Feature News Obit of the StarTribune

This process has been one of dichotomies - at nearly the same time I've felt humble and proud, alone and surrounded, peaceful and anxious, cheerful and sad. However, I have been feeling a lot of closure these last couple of days. I think there are a couple of driving reasons for this: the outpouring of love of family and friends, a beautiful service, a celebratory Irish wake, and even little things like my church playing All Creatures of Our God and King as the entrance hymn yesterday.

Now, to add to the list, the StarTribune got around to featuring dad in their news obituary. You can access it by clicking this link.

I'm not sure these past days could have gone better, and that's a testament to a lot of people that loved my dad being on the same page and working hard, as well as us being the recipients of a massive amount of prayers.

God's blessings continue to shower us.

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