Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Suggestions for Super Bowl Halftime

The 2020 halftime show had a lot of stuff.  Mostly crotch.  Yeah, lots of crotch.  

It's hard to juxtapose all of the woke messages about women in space, and the groundbreaking performance of the first woman NFL coach with all the crotch, but there had to be some fit into women's empowerment or something somewhere.

Anyway, unless you were into crotch, the halftime show sucked.  It just did.  Hence, NFL, I have a list for you of some real bands that would knock the bad taste of the last lamentable episode right out of our mouths.  In no particular order:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Huge library, longevity, and incredible music.  Unfortunately, shirts may be optional, and given some previous appearances, maybe some tube socks.  On second thought, maybe not RHCP...
  • U2 - Hard to have them back for an encore after they knocked out the greatest halftime show ever following 9/11, but many have appeared more than once.  We could use it.
  • Metallica - Another huge library, and not all hard.  They can slow things down when necessary (Nothing Else Matters, Unforgiven, etc.) and they can tear up an arena.  James and the boys would be perfect.
  • Foo Fighters - Ah, the last rock and roll band standing.  If rock is going to go the way of the buggy whip, at least have it go down fighting, or should I say Foo Fighting?  There simply is no better band for this show, and it's not close.
Here you go, NFL.  Any of these will work fine.

And to see what a real show looks like, let's revisit that U2 performance, shall we

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