Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Brush With Greatness - The Gastronomic Version

Last month, as Fuzzy and I were flying home from our bayou hunting adventure, we happened to glance across the aisle from us there in first class and happened to spy Andrew Zimmern - the famous TV food personality.  You know, this guy:

As a Minnesota native, it should not have surprised us to find him there, flying from ATL to MSP.  What did surprise us was his choice in food.  Did he choose the salmon or the chicken salad that was being served in first?  No, he did not.  As the flight attendants brought out our appointed meals, he whipped out a bag of Arby's and chowed down.


It was just recently announced that Mr. Zimmern will be starring in a new series on MSNBC on politics and food.  Ah, just what the world needs - another show about politics!

Let's hope his choices of editorial for his show are better than his choices of what to eat when sitting at the front of the plane.

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