Friday, February 21, 2020

Cayman Chicken (and Cat)

We're down here in the Caymans, and our place comes complete with a suite of pets:

Meet Nick the cat and Parm the rooster.  We also have (although not pictured) Bucket and Blackie the chicken, as well as Sanders the rooster.  Parm chased Sanders off a couple of days ago, so he's been scarce, but even with him missing, there's still a ton of activity on the patio.

Nick didn't want anything to do with us the first day, but a box of Cat Chow brought him around big time.  Now he's a staple, just like the sun and the beer.

I keep expecting Nick to take a run at Parm (who'd make a hell of a meal), but Parm does have about 3" spurs, so it'd take Nick's A game.  Besides, they seem content to share the Cat Chow and leave it at that, although it is chicken flavored (which would be pretty uncomfortable for Parm if he could read labels...)

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