Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why Do Men Get Paid More than Women? Because they Die

In 2019, I don't buy the argument that men make more than women for similar work.  Note the emphasis.  Do men make, on average in total, more than women?  Yes.  Yes, they do.

Why?  Well, one reason is because they're pretty much the only ones that die while doing their jobs:

If women died on the job at this level and this percentage, there'd be an outcry.  But there's not with men.  Men are expendable.  Yes, we still need logs, fish, roofs, etc., and in order to convince them to take those jobs, they'll be paid well.  But is it nearly all men putting their lives on the line.  Let's not kid ourselves.

As for women getting paid less for doing the exact same job, I don't buy that in the least.  We're in an economy with basically no unemployment - those without a job basically either don't want one or are completely unemployable.  If you're an employer that is paying their talent less based on their gender, I can guarantee your competition is more than willing to pay those same resources a fair wage.  The only way they would not is if there were some kind of collusion going on among competitors.  

You really think that's happening?  If so, I'd argue you know jack about business.

Women can do pretty much anything a man can, with a couple of exceptions related to physical strength.  They should be exactly the same as their male counterparts that are generating similar production.  However, until the chart above gets more in the range of 50% male, can we please move on from the pay disparity argument? 

Men die on the job.  Women don't.  End of story.

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