Monday, March 26, 2018

Thoughts on The March for Our Lives

The march went down this past weekend and the adulation and fanfare it was afforded was akin to a religious revival.  Likewise, the kids were able to bask in an afterglow from a fawning media that was all too eager to toss softball questions and gush over their actions.

Personally, I find it all really creepy.  The kids are creepy.  The media is creepy.  What's being proposed is really, really damned creepy.

Based on all that went down, here are a couple of takeaways that were evident from the event:

  • This event wasn't about safe schools or stopping school shootings.  It was only about guns, and anyone that told you differently wasn't being honest.  Just look at reactions to armed police in schools (especially after Maryland) and to clear backpacks.  They don't really want safe schools.  They want guns.  
  • The talking point of "nobody is looking to take away your guns - we just want common sense gun laws" is straight bullshit.  This movement is absolutely about banning most guns.  If you're looking to ban semi-automatics, you're looking to ban nearly all guns.  Stop lying.
  • The "empowered" kids that are supposedly behind this movement are becoming really scary totalitarians.  It will be interesting to see how all the old people that are currently in their corner feel when these empowered youth figure out what a Ponzi scheme social security is and come to take it away.
Monsters.  We're creating monsters...

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