Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kiss Cam at Pro Bowl - Check the Boxes

This ad was sent to me as an example of a "great ad."  Why is it great?  Perhaps because it checks nearly all the liberal boxes:

  • Gay couple - crowd goes wild!
  • Not one but two Interracial couples - pretty much always a white guy and a woman of color on commercials.  Only rarely do you see it the other way around.  
  • Hajib - Because you're not truly diverse until the symbol of the subjugation of Muslim women gets shown.
  • Downs Syndrome kids - this one was surprising, as most Downs Syndrome kids are aborted, and we know how much the left loves aborting kids.  For example, only one or two Downs Syndrom kids are born in Iceland per year.  Every other one is aborted.
  • Lesbian couple - I'm conflicted.  The Orlando Survivor t-shirt thing is troubling as a Muslim guy was responsible for the hate crime.  Maybe we can just blame guns and go back to forgetting the fact that Islam loathes homosexuals.  

Who you love is your business, and I literally could not care less about it.  Had I been in the stadium, I'd not have been surprised by any of these kisses.  They're great.

What I don't need is the feeling that unless I'm actively cheering, I hate.  

You know what I do hate?  I hate being told how I need to feel about every damned thing.  I hate overt virtue signalling.  And I hate that there are boxes - so many boxes - that just gotta be checked.

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