Friday, March 2, 2018

Fat at Lent

Every lent I make a commitment to get healthier.  With the end of the holidays, the annual Hunting with Kin trip, and the Super Bowl, it is easy to pack it on, and lent has always been a good go-to to hit the gym, put the beer fridge on lock-up and get back to eating right.

Usually, the weight loss is easy, but that's not been the case this year.  Part of it is that my activity level is down.  It has been so damned cold here that my only exercise is what I get at the gym on a daily basis.  Walks with the dog, a random run, or just walking around a store haven't been done because it's too cold.

Likewise, I ain't no spring chicken anymore.  My body is definitely changing, and that's working against me.

I was walking around the track at the gym the other morning and spied a guy in the mirror and asked myself, "Who's that fat SOB?"  The reflection belied it was yours truly.


It's easy to get down on oneself in such cases.  When it happens, we need to look for a way out.  Mine came via a Minnesota Twin.

Miguel Sano showed up to camp at 293.

Two.  Ninety.  Three.

I plead guilty to not taking as good of care of myself as I should, but DAMN.

Miguel and I have a lot of work to do before Easter (which also coincides with MLB opening day). 

Go, us!

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