Monday, February 19, 2018

Who is Behind The March for Our Lives?

Yesterday, the victems of the latest school shooting did the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows.  They were well scripted, angry, and announcing a march on Washington to protest gun ownership.

I don't begrudge them their opionion.  Had I personally witnessed my friends being slaughtered, I would expect a lot of people would be hearing from me.  What worries me, though, is how quickly this all came about.

The shooting happened late Wednesday afternoon.  In less than three days, a URL was negotiated and purchased ( surely was not just sitting there), a website, social media sites, talk show interviews, and a march on Washington were all planned and launched.  Even merchadise was made available for sale.  Three days.  High school kids, fresh of a tramatic event.  Three days.

Likewise, their media appearances were EXTREMELY well scripted.  Perhaps they're all naturally gifted at being in front of a camera and handling questions from the media.  Or, perhaps, there was some practice.

Again, I don't begrudge these kids.  However, I do want to know who they're working with, and where exactly the money and coaching is coming from.  It sure looks like things are being fast tracked by someone.

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