Sunday, December 24, 2017

What God Asks Us

The story of the birth of Christ contains a couple of interesting intercessions by God, and what He asks during these encounters is big.  First, He asks Mary to bear this child, and endure the pain and ridicule that would surely go with it.  Then he asks Joesph to be there in support, despite not being the father.

Can you imagine?  Put yourselves in Mary or Joseph's shoes.  Could we answer God in the affirmative on a similar request?  

Thankfully, we're not tested that way.  We are, however, tested.  God asks things of us every day, but unlike the Holy Family, our burdens are light.  Despite this, we often fail; taking the easy way out, or doing things because they appear to be better for us, or just ignoring our obligation to God altogether.

Perhaps this Christmas we can focus on the sacrifices made - by Mary, Joseph, and even Jesus - and use them as examples to step up to the small things that God asks of us.

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