Monday, December 4, 2017

Left to Suffer - Expose by the StarTribune

The media has won a well-deserved reputation of being biased do-nothings.  As their audiences have crumbled, they've lost a lot of the resources that enabled them to do actual traditional investigative journalism.  They've kind of been rendered as not much better than the loudmouths that bray in the comment sections of their articles.

However, every once and a while they hit it.  That was the case in a recent expose by the StarTribune called "Left to Suffer."  In it, they cover the rampant amount of abuse being conducted in Minnesota senior care facilities, and the shocking lack of protection and prosecution going on.

How bad is it?  In it, they report that maltreatment allocations rose to a volume of 25,000 cases in 2016 alone (a doubling of 2011 levels), while just over 3% of those cases were even investigated.

It is a very scary proposition.  It's made even scarier for someone like my wife and myself that have no children to serve as our advocates.

Good work, StarTribune.

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