Monday, May 1, 2017

Washington Post Reporter and I Move to Northern Minnesota...

Check out this story:

You can read more on the story here

While I'm not in as small a community as the family featured here, I am in a small town.  I can't go anywhere without bumping into someone that I know.  As I become more integrated into the town via church and other aspects, it will only get worse.

And I love it.

People here are genuinely nice.  What our reporter found, I've found as well.  They're proud of this area (rightfully so!) and they want to share it.  The smiles here are everywhere.  The pace here is comfortable.  The activities here are boundless, you just need to look differently to find them.

I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, and I'm finally understanding the meaning of "Minnesota Nice."  It's dripping up here.

If Mrs. YDP loves it as much as I do, we're in for a very happy life.

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