Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Twinge

I got contacted by a recruiter yesterday; one that I've worked with in the past and has good familiarity with me and my capabilities.  The role is a VP gig, reporting to the CEO.  It'd own the entire B to C P&L, and would be responsible for a team of 30.  In doing some quick research on the company, there are a dozen things I identified that I could start working on tomorrow to improve performance.  It's owned by private equity, and there'd be a chance for a big pay day.  It'd pay twice what I'm making now.  It fit within the confines of my current non-compete.

Now the buts:

But I'm happy for the first time in a long time

But it is in Salt Lake City (don't get me started)

But I really like getting into the shower at 7:00, getting to work at 7:45, and leaving no later than 5:30

But I really like smiling and laughing again. 

But I'm going to try and buy a house on the lake and grab summer and hold it by the throat like I haven't since I was a little kid.

But I'm finally close to family and friends again

But I'm again going to sleep without drinking, and sleeping through the night

So what in the world am I thinking?  Simple.  It's ego.  I like being an executive in a big company.  I like the title, the pay, and the perks, and I like to prove folks wrong about me.  From that perspective, I'd really, really like to take a run at the opportunity.

Thankfully, the logical part of me is smarter than the ego part of me.


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