Monday, January 16, 2017

Up Close and Personal With Heroin

Last Saturday I needed some things to help me clear the huge ice pack we have at the end of our driveway, so I drove to one of our closest stores to pick up some goods and to take advantage of my employee discount.  As usual, I parked at the end of the lot, as I don't want to take up good spaces for our customers, and I could always use some extra steps.

I opened my door to step out of my vehicle, and as I was swinging my leg outside, I pulled up as I was going to step in something.  That something was a bag of hypodermic needles (some used, some not), two spoons, and some cigarette butts.  Clearly a couple of folks felt the need to shoot up in our parking lot.

I shouldn't have been surprised - the latest trend in heroin use is to shoot up in a public locale as if you overdose, there's a chance someone will see you and call the paramedics.  Still, seeing something I had only seen on cop shows troubled me.

I carefully picked up the bag and brought it into the store, where I asked to see the head loss prevention person on duty.  He quickly came out, and I told him what I had and where I found it.  The good news about my company being so paranoid is that we have cameras everywhere, and we likely have the ability to see the license plate of the offending users.  Likewise, it would be great if they made the buy right there before they shot up, and maybe we can get two birds with one stone.

Hard to believe those kinds of hard drugs are here in suburban Green Bay.  It does appear that this heroin epidemic might be as bad as is being reported.  Scary.

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